Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards

ACC Workplace Safety Award

Who can enter the ACC Workplace Safety category?
A key aspect of running a world class business is to ensure that you have a safe work environment. Any Northland based business which has been trading for 12 months or longer, may enter the Workplace Safety category.

All completed entry forms will be considered for this award.


What are the judges looking for in this category?
Judges will recognise and reward a business that can demonstrate how health and safety has been integrated into business operations, and has managers and employees who are proactive in dealing with hazards that arise from the work carried out. Credit will be given for examples of outstanding health and safety initiatives.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Your understanding of the risks and hazards that are created in your workplace when you and your employees go about normal business.
  • Your strategy to eliminate or manage the hazards in your workplace.
  • The established safety systems and procedures you have in place, which involve employees helping to keep your workplace safe, e.g. your management team may set up safety teams or committees so employees are involved in decision making and communicating on safety issues.
  • How the safety plan for your workplace is based on continuous improvement so that existing and new hazards are dealt with effectively.
  • How you maintain records about injuries, incident investigations, hazards, first aid and emergency procedures.
    Note# Please let us know as part of your entry if you have had any involvement with a regulator as a result of an adverse event in the past 24 months. Involvement won’t automatically preclude you from entry, becoming a finalist or wining.

About ACC – New Zealand’s injury prevention and rehabilitation scheme

ACC is delighted to sponsor the ACC Workplace Safety Award at the Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards in 2019.

At ACC, we help people with injuries covered by the ACC Scheme get the rehabilitation necessary to achieve a swift return to work or everyday life.

Along with other Government agencies, we also help promote injury prevention – since the best way to reduce the personal and financial cost of injury is to stop injuries from happening in the first place.

For more information about the type of help available from ACC, please call 0800 101 996 or visit www.acc.co.nz.

For claims assistance call the Claims helpline on 0800 101 996, and for business queries call the Business helpline on 0800 222 776.

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