Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards

Sustainable Business

All entrants are considered for the Northland Regional Council Sustainable Business Award.

Awarded to the Northland business which best epitomises an overall commitment to sustainable development.

A sustainable organisation is one that integrates economic (for example support of local suppliers, fairness of remuneration), social (for example being a good employer, human rights, contributing to the local community), and environmental (for example water, waste, energy, conservation) considerations into its strategy, practices and culture (and achieves improvements in economic, social, and environmental performance). In New Zealand, there has been an expansion of this concept to include cultural performance (the quadruple bottom line), from within the Local Government Act 2002. Although this Act does not apply to many of the applicants of these awards, the New Zealand context of cultural performance should not be overlooked. For the purposes of these awards, cultural considerations are included within social considerations.

About the Award
Sustainable businesses are cost-efficient and productive, attract and retain loyal customers, and offer a great place to work. The Northland Regional Council Sustainable Business Award is presented to the Northland business which best epitomises overall commitment to this philosophy. Businesses are judged not just on the economic value they add – they also must demonstrate their environmental, cultural and social values. From waste minimisation through to action in their local community, this award celebrates those who want to make a difference while enhancing their bottom line.


About the Northland Regional Council

Northland Regional Council is one of Northland’s primary environmental guardians and aims to protect Northland’s land, water, coast and air while still allowing for sustainable development. We are also responsible for public transport, pollution control, harbour safety, flood protection, regional civil defence emergency management, environmental planning and monitoring, regional tourism promotion and economic development.

As your regional council, we’re passionate about protecting our environment; growing our economy; and working with our communities to build a better future for Northland.

We want to hear what you value about Northland, why you love living here and what makes the north unique. Tell us – what’s your True North?  Share photos or videos of your True North on the Northland Regional Council Facebook page using #truenorth.  To find out more visit www.nrc.govt.nz/truenorth


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